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MAY 29 & 30, 2014



The business of APIs

Kin Lane
The API Evangelist

Email as a data source for apps

Tony Blank
Developer evangelist Context.io

Usable REST APIs

API Analytics with Redis and Bigquery

Javier Ramírez
Web developer & founder, Teowaki

Cloud Sync APIs for Mobile Developers

Leah Culver
Developer Advocate, Dropbox

Web scraping for non programmers

Alberto González Paje
Data scientist, Quadrigram

Applied APIs

Patrick Heneise
Information Architect and JavaScript Engineer, The Mobile Firm

Drupal's API

Álvaro Hurtado
Drupal Developer, ASPgems

API design: the perspective that matters

Dimitrios Tydeas Mengidis
Web developer, PeoplePerHour

One API to rule the things

Marc Pous
Founder, theThings.IO

Who owns the API Data Gold Mine?

Gregory Menvielle
CEO, Smartnotify

Language resources, sentiment analysis & APIs

Raúl Lario Monje
Project Manager, Analyst Programmer, Paradigma Tecnológico

Extracting relevant linguistic information from big corpora

M. Antonia Martí
Professor & researcher at Centre de Llenguatge i Computació, Universitat de Barcelona

From 1856 to 2014: resurrecting the dictionary with APIs

Elena Álvarez Mellado
Intrepid linguist, Apicultur
Ferran Gallego

Developing accessible mobile apps

Ferran Gállego
Software Engineer, Code Factory

Enfrentar el desarrollo: API’s Inferno

Manuel J. García
Research & development technician, Solusoft

I want to be an efficient developer

Quentin Adam
CEO, Clever Cloud

JSON API: convention driven API design

Steve Klabnik
Hypermedia evangelist & Ruby hero, Balanced


Romain Huet
Platform relations, Twitter

The story of a thousand services: how a constellation of apps with First-class APIs underpin a platform

Brandur Leach
Senior member of technical staff, Heroku

Gov APIs: The Notorious Case of Official Statistics

Xavier Badosa
JSON-stat promoter & Statistical Institute of Catalonia web manager

API REST for beginners or why I should care about building an understandable API

Javier Lafora
Ruby on Rails developer & CTO, ASPgems

What to do about Developer Experience?

Tricia Balfe
Co-founder & CEO, Nomos Software

API first business development

Jordi Romero
VP Business Development, Redbooth

Getting data from the web

Ignacio Elola
Data scientist, import·io

Of trust and the programmable web

Jonathan Bourguignon
Entrepreneur, API ratings

Battlefield REST

Daniel Cerecedo
Partner, Byteflair

REST clients

Pau Ramon Revilla
CTO, Redbooth

Libsaas, one API to rule them all

Aitor Guevara
CTO & founder, Ducksboard

Skynet As A Service or Giant Zombie Robots Will Eat Your Brains

Ori Pekelman

The B2B Perspective (APIs and Services in Fleet Management)

Toralf Richter
Senior Manager Engineering, TomTom Business Solutions

E-Health & Smart Home Platform

Joan Protasio
Software engineer, Barcelona Digital Technology Centre

APIs for mobile solutions. Context-aware apps: a business of the future

Sergio Alcalde
Head of R&D, Solusoft

More to come...

APIdays Mediterranea 2014

The web 1.0 was readable, the web 2.0 was social, now the web is programmable trough application programming interfaces, aka apis.




The API platform to consume and distribute APIs.


APICULTUR is the API platform to consume and distribute APIs. We are strongly committed to the API philosophy and work to make APIs accesible for everyone.

Webshell makes API integration easy for developers.

WEBSHELL develops tools for making API integration easier for developers on authentication, scripting and widgets, in Paris, and manages the {"apis":"the joy"} blog.

APIdays Mediterranea is an intitiative from Apicultur following the first edition of APIDays founded by Webshell and Fabernovel in 2012



When & where ?

29 & 30 May, 2014
  • Right on Plaça de Catalunya
  • 2 Carrer de Fontanella
  • 08002 Barcelona
Any questions ? Please feel free to contact us Picto mediterranea@apidays.io


  • Catalunya
  • L1, L3, L6, L7
  • Barcelona-Plaça de Catalunya‎
  • R1, R3, R4
We are looking forward to meet you ! apidays Mediterranea is an event powered by apicultur & webshell